Did you know that letting house cats roam outside unsupervised cuts their average life expenctancy in half? Did you know that free roaming domestic cats are a major driver of mass extinction of animal species? And that free roaming domestic cats are the primary host of toxoplasmosis gondii, that can cause diseases for other animals and people alike?

Welcome on our website! We are action group House Cats Go Home. Our goal is to stop domestic cats from roaming outside. We do this by invoking nature protection laws against the free roaming of cats. We inform the public about the issue, we lobby politics, and so on. Soon our policy plan for 2024 will be published with a summary in English.

Our work is in The Netherlands and our strategy is to focus on local successes. Those are our stepping stones towards the end goal. This year we will start building a global coalition of organisations and individuals that support the cause. Successful projects will be highlighted to inspire and be inspired. We hope a global movement emerges to address the problem in many countries simultaneously.

Do you in any way wish to contribute? Please contact us. Making a donation is possible. Also you can follow us on our brand new Facebook page House Cats Go Home.